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Compulsory winter equipment in Slovenia

Between 15th November and 15th March, winter equipment is obligatory for all the vehicles in Slovenia, and in case of winter conditions, it is necessary already earlier. Compulsory equipment is used for better grip with the surface and for a safer driving. Continue reading and see what belongs to the category of winter equipment.

The situation on the road, as well as the Road Traffic Regulations Act, stipulate that all vehicles must be adequately equipped for winter conditions when they are on snowy or icy roads, regardless of the season. In the winter conditions, we are witnessing the situation, where the road or part of it is snowed or covered with layers of ice.

Otherwise, in Slovenia, it is necessary that vehicles of the categories M (1), N (1), L (5) e, L (6) e and L (7) must have adequate winter equipment from 15th November until 15th March of next year. Under this mandatory equipment, one must consider four winter tires M + S (of the 3 mm profile) or summer tires (of the 3 mm profile) and associated snow chains. The abbreviation M + S means “mud and snow”. In principle, at least experts suggest so, tires must be replaced every two years.

For all-wheel-drive vehicles (4×4), the same rules apply, and the snow chains must be put on two permanently engaged drive wheels (on at least one axle). Snow chains are used when larger amounts of snow are located on the driving surface and when the tire does not come into contact with the asphalt or concrete while driving (tire remains in a snow and leaves a trail behind).

The compulsory winter equipment rule applies to all climatic zones or all areas, except in the warmer coastal area (Slovenian Istria and areas below the apparent line between the Italian and Croatian border are excluded). It is also important to emphasize that in road transport, studded tires are not permitted – they are forbidden.

The Road Traffic Rules Act stipulates that vehicles must be equipped with winter equipment when they are on winter roads, regardless of the season. We must also have an appropriate shovel in the vehicle.

Drive safely!

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