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The winter season is already here, but snow is not yet in sight, at least in the lowland Slovenia. Although the majority of Julian Alps, Vršič pass and other higher-altitude areas are already snow-covered, the weather is still quite sunny and fall-like. But be careful! The use of snow tires or snow chains is already mandatory.

What do we have to think about in relation to the coldest season and our vehicle? Here are three extremely important things:

  1. Tire replacement: if you have not already replaced them, do not wait any longer. 4 winter M+S (mud and snow) tires with 3 mm profile are required, or a combination of 3 mm summer tires and snow chains.
  2. Chains, shovel: although optional (if winter tires are already fitted), it is definitely worth it to have snow chains and shovel in the trunk, especially on days when it snows heavily. This will come in handy whenever we will need to shovel snow (you never know when you hit a snowstorm); on the other hand, the snow chains are designed to better grip tires on the road when winter tires no longer help. Before using the snow chains, be sure to try to attach them already at home, as it is often not easy to do so.
  3. Careful on the road: driving on snowy or icy roads is not common at all. The driver should be more alert to other traffic users and adjust the speed to the road conditions. Before driving in snow conditions, it is essential to check the battery quality, wipers and lights.

Remember that in Slovenia, winter equipment (4 M+S winter tires, 3 mm profile, or summer tires, 3 mm profile, + chains) is mandatory from November 15 to March 15. All four-wheel drive is subject to the same rules; the chains must be on two permanently engaged drive wheels. Mandatory winter equipment is prescribed everywhere except in the coastal zone.

Mandatory winter equipment in neighbouring countries

Austria: winter equipment is mandatory from 1 November to 15 April. It consists of 4 winter tires (4 mm profile) or summer tires (4 mm profile) and chains on drive wheels. Attention: chains can only be on wheels when there is snow or ice on the roadway. In the case of snow mud, chains are not allowed, and summer tires are not allowed as well. In all higher-lying areas (marked), chains are also mandatory on winter tires.

Italy: winter equipment is compulsory from November 1 to April 15, in some places starting sooner or later. Winter tires and snow chains are required. On higher roads, snow chains are also required on winter tires (marked accordingly) in the event of heavy snowfall.

Hungary: the use of winter equipment in this country is not time-limited. In case of heavy snow on the road, it is mandatory to use chains on the drive wheels. The relevant authorities may require chains already when crossing the national border.

Croatia: winter equipment is compulsory between November 15 and April 15, regardless of driving conditions and whenever it snows. Mandatory winter gear includes 4 M+S winter or year-round tires, or a combination of 4 summer tires with a minimum 4 mm profile and snow chains on drive wheels.

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Drive safely!

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