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Prepare for a drive in the heat

We must surely have encountered something similar: The weathermen is predicting a new heat wave, but we need to travel by a car anyway (even longer distances). In order to stay focused while driving, we need to follow some basic guidelines. Advice might also be used by those who rent a car at Agio.si.

Tip number one: get some rest

Before a long ride, especially in the heat, let’s have a good refreshing sleep. Relax and clear, we tend to overcome periods with high heat much easier. We need to count on the fact that we’ll have to stop and visit the toilet in the meantime. Maybe the road will be crowded and we will get stuck in a traffic jam. All possible scenarios must be included in the travel time.

Check the vehicle and the amount of fuel

Before long driving, always check the vehicle’s operations (regardless of the outside temperature of the air) and prepare the relevant documents (driving license, traffic permit, green card, etc.). Put enough fuel in the tank. If you rent a car at Agio.si, one can be carefree. At Agio, we make sure that the vehicle is flawless and ready for the journey (even longer).

If the car is hot, cool it down first

It is easier to do it in the shade. Open the windows and doors of the vehicle. Start the car and turn on the ventilation system, set it to the lowest temperature. Direct the air flow to the slots of the windows, then turn on the air conditioning and close the car (including the windows).

Usage of the air condition

At first, the air conditioning system is set to a few degrees less than the outside temperature of the air. First, cool the air in the interior, and then let the outside air to the driving cabin. That is important due to oxygen and humidity control. Another useful advice: Stop the air condition before you reach your destination and let the ventilation work only. The air conditioning will dry up and we will have less problems with the accumulation of bacteria, unpleasant smell and even diseases.

Take a good look at the route to your destination

Before traveling, always check where you will drive and what are the local driving requirements (speed limit, vignette, …). Enough stops for refreshments, and also a backup plan should be put in the plan, most often in regional or local roads, where the speed is slower, but the trip is, nevertheless, more reliable.


Securely place them in child seats. Make sure they are dressed in suitable lightweight clothing and have sufficient fluid. Before sunshine, we can additionally protect them with a screen that is installed on a window glass. Never direct the flow of the cold air from the air conditioning system directly into them (this applies to all persons in the cabin of the vehicle).

Cold drinking water and cosy atmosphere

Consider taking with you enough appropriately chilled water or isotonic beverages. Always avoid milk and fizzy drinks, alcohol and driving do not fit anyway. Remove products that emit strong odors. Make sure that the car cabin is quiet, you can cut time by listening to some good music.

Drive safely!

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www.agio.si, rent-a-car, Ljubljana, Slovenia