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Have you ever experienced a strong summer storm with raging rain, numerous lightning strikes and reduced visibility? Since we are often on the road, we have been witnessing such bad driving conditions many times. We have written some ideas on how to deal better with riding in unfavourable circumstances in the following blog. Check it out!

Lately, we are increasingly witnessing severe storms, accompanied by heavy rain, wind, lightning, and even hail. In such circumstances, the driving visibility is restricted, there is increased rainfall on the road and other potential hazards. When the storm can not be avoided, always keep in mind the following:

  • the speed of the drive is adjusted to the conditions, mainly due to the amount of precipitation,
  • make sure that our vehicle is well visible, never forget to turn on the lights if they do not light up automatically,
  • if children or elderly people travel with us, let’s calm them down with appropriate, not too loud music or conversation,
  • if we have cruise control, turn it off,
  • strictly observe the safety distance,
  • there is a lot of rain on the windshield, so let’s speed it down, and more attention is paid to other road users, especially pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists,
  • During the storm, lightning is a normal phenomenon. Against this danger, we are in principle safe in the vehicle (the car works as the so-called Faraday cage).

During a storm, we never drive with open windows and a lowered roof, even if it sounds fun. Before driving, always consider whether our vehicle is handling well in a more complex situation. In the reservoir, we always have enough fuel and a mandatory first aid kit. If the rain is exceptionally strong and, the thick hail starts falling, and the visibility is zero, we stop at the first appropriate place, light all four indicators, and do not leave the car. Even before that, we safely use an app to check the radar image or to turn on the radio, where we can get basic information about current weather events.

Under any circumstances, we do not do this:

  • stop under overpasses, in tunnels and under trees (especially when it blows heavily),
  • never drive into a standing water, if we do not know how deep it is,
  • do not leave the vehicle unless this is absolutely essential.

In extreme circumstances, always call the information centre (112) and take care of the health and safety of us and the people and animals that are with us.

Drive safely!

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