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Do you want to rent a car in Slovenia? Read the following lines before you reach one of our outlets. We have provided some useful information that you may already know, however, it is useful to refresh your knowledge of them.

1. You need to be 21 years to rent a vehicle

At Agio rent-a-car we are committed to safety and reliability. For both of them to realize, the age limit when an individual can hire a vehicle is set at 21 years (completed age).

2. You may need a document to cross the state border

Even though Slovenia is located in the European Union and is in the Schengen area, you will need a document if border crossing in a rented vehicle – if the competent authorities ask you to do so. While driving, you must have a personal document, a driving license, and documents from the rent-a-car agency.

3. Speed limitation

In settlements, there is a limit of 50 km / h. On the motorways, there is a limit of 130, on highways 110 km / h. On other roads, there is a limit of 90 km / h.

4. In Slovenia, we drive on the right

It’s clear to the locals, but not tourists, so it’s right to repeat it. Yes, in Slovenia we drive on the right side of the road!

5. Carefully in the roundabouts

Slovenia is full of roundabouts. In Slovenia, the rule is that we do not indicate others when entering the roundabout. This is mandatory before leaving the roundabout.

6. Attention to winter equipment

We have already written about this in one of the previous blogs. From 15th November to 15th March, or in winter conditions, it is mandatory to use winter equipment that includes winter tires or the use of winter chains. They recommend that we also have a shovel in the vehicle, and the use of studded tires is prohibited.

7. Security is in the first place

Always use a seat belt when driving. If you drive children, place them in child seats and fasten them properly.

Drive safely!

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www.agio.si, rent-a-car, Ljubljana, Slovenia