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If you want to experience something unique or adrenaline-full when you visit Slovenia, we recommend reviewing the following tips for active and interesting leisure time in Slovenia, a tiny country between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Here are ten top things you can do in Slovenia:

  1. Visit the Soča valley: the valley of the world-famous Soča River, an emerald green alpine river, offers many possibilities for an active holiday. Enjoy rafting on the crystal clear river, zip-line, canyoning on the tributaries of the Soča river or enjoy the many top restaurants that offer visitors pampering in villages across the Soča valley. Attention: adventures can make you addicted. You will want to return to the Soča Valley!
  2. Climb Triglav: the highest mountain in Slovenia with its 2863 m is also the highest peak in the southern Alps. The spectacular trail that leads up the ridge from Mali to Veliki Triglav is one of the most interesting in the Eastern Alps. It offers an unbelievably beautiful view, which extends to the Dolomites and Grossglockner in Austria, but beware: the route is only suitable for the most durable and requires at least basic climbing skills and suitable mountaineering equipment!
  3. Visit Postojna cave: one of the largest underground caves in the world will amaze you. Huge underground cavities, magnificent stalagmites and stalactites as well as human fish, a unique cave animal, will delight you. An underground train takes you through the cave.
  4. Skydive: for adrenalin enthusiasts only. It is possible to jump from an aeroplane or a hill – alone or in tandem. Attention: this adventure is not for those who are afraid of heights.
  5. Learn how to ski: despite its small size, there are several attractive winter resorts in Slovenia that offer excellent skiing. Enjoy the snow from November to May. Tip: also visit two glacier remnants under the Triglav (Julian Alps) and Skuta (Kamnik-Savinja Alps). Several ski guides are available for beginners, whether in a group or individual lessons.
  6. Take part in wine tasting: Slovenia has an excellent geographical position. The whole territory lies in a zone suitable for wine-growing. Slovenia is divided into 3 winegrowing regions: Primorska, Podravska and Posavska. One of the best, Primorska, is also described as Slovenian Tuscany. Visit the attractive hills of Brda and enjoy private wine-tasting. Suitable for anyone over 18 years of age.
  7. Shopping in Ljubljana: we do not mean modern shopping, but a stroll through the old town, where several extremely interesting boutiques offer original Slovenian fashion, handicrafts and food typical for local cuisine. Indulge yourself in the relaxed beat of the capital and explore the hidden corners of one of the smallest capital cities in the world.
  8. Sports fishing at Unica river: one of the most beautiful fishing spots for brown trout and grayling in the world, it is located halfway between Ljubljana and Trieste. The pristine chalk river flows through the Karst field, hiding many capital fish in its bosom. Rest your soul in unspoiled nature and the crystal clear karst water.
  9. Explore many castles: Slovenia is strewn with many castles. In terms of population, Slovenia is among the countries with the highest number of them, behind the Czech Republic and Walles. Explore castles, the lives of former aristocrats, and spend the night in the castle, grab lunch or even wedding. The unique small castle, worth visiting, is located on Otočec, on the river island.
  10. Drive along the panoramic road: you can visit two high mountain panoramic roads in Slovenia. Both are located in the Julian Alps, the first leads from Kranjska Gora to Bovec (Vršič pass) and the second winds below Mount Mangart. If the roads are not snowy, which is properly marked, you can enjoy the heights and breathtaking views that will amaze you.

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Drive safely!

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